Tuesday, May 4, 2010

California Trip Part 2

We left Lydia with willing (I think) grandparents for a night and wandered down to Monterey to celebrate our 5th anniversary.

We explored downtown Monterey, turning corners to find gardens and meandering through historical buildings we didn't know existed.

We spent some lovely time on the beach, but found that the sun does not set on the horizon there, much to our dismay. Monterey's ocean is a bay, not the end of the world, so the sun sets over a hill dotted with obscenely large houses. Not very romantic.

We walked a couple miles through the canning, fishing and shopping districts.

And we got up close and personal with some seals or sea lions (I don't know the difference) on a glass bottom boat tour. We aren't sure what the purpose of the glass bottom was. We didn't see anything through the glass except seaweed. Did you know you can also see seaweed on the beach? We're really happy we paid to see it through a murky glass bottom boat.

This seal/sea lion had just battled two other seal/sea lions and gained the title of "King (or Queen) of the Buoy" for a moment.