Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer Vacation

Our foreign exchange student from Germany has arrived! We're having a fabulous time. You can read about it on my other blog,

For here and now, I'm going to catch up on summertime.

We got back from a fabulous trip to Lake Almanor in California with Ryan's family. There was fun all around.

There was time for fairy dancing on the lawn,

snuggling with Daddy/Uncle Ryan,

swimming in the warm lake (it's actually blue, but looks brown here),

dressing up,

eating popcorn and watching movies with cousins,

lounging in the hammock with cousins (they started out loving it but were all screaming bloody murder by the time I got there with the camera.),

and stealing all of cousin Luci's stuffed animals for some snuggle time.

Then it was off to Tracy for a short weekend with my family. We spent an entire day in the pool with cousins. And Lydia learned that she needs to keep a close eye on her food when Great Grandpa Middleton is around. (a lesson I, myself, learned at about her age.)