Monday, January 26, 2009

Nothing's Happening, But You're Gonna Hear From Us Anyway!

Again, nothing exciting is happening in our lives, but we're posting anyway!

Lydia has a serious high heel fetish. The only problem is, she hasn't figured out how to walk in high heels by herself, so one of us always has to help her!

Among Lydia's other oddities, she loves playing weird games with her dad. If he puts his hand near her, she grabs it and brings it to her face like so:

She laughs hysterically and doesn't let go!

It snowed (again). Since it happened on a Sunday when Daddy was home, Lydia actually got to play in the snow! (I don't take her out in that yucky stuff for anything!). I went out to take pictures, then hurried back inside while Ryan took Lydia for a walk around the block.

I came downstairs the other day after teaching a piano lesson, and found Lydia sitting happily with Daddy. I love catching moments like these.

And because I rarely make an appearance on this blog, here's a picture of silly me.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Why is Lydia wearing layers and layers of winter clothes in the house? Is our heater broken?

No, Lydia just found a stash of her winter clothes, and brought them to me one by one, saying "Ehhh Ehhh" until I put each item of clothing on her.

It got to the point where she couldn't move her arms, but she wouldn't let me take anything off her.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Not much has been going on around here, but I thought I'd post some recent pics anyway.

Vanessa always takes really cute pictures of herself with her girls- the kind where you just hold the camera out in front of you and take the picture yourself. So I've been trying to do that with Lydia...but it doesn't work. Here, she looks so annoyed.

And here, she thinks her momma is a humongous dork.

Lydia LOVES books, which makes me happy because it took her a while to get that way. I was sure I was going to have an illiterate child. (I'm a panicker...and also very unrealistic in my panicking.)

Maybe I should panic about the girl's obsession with herself, instead. This was taken seconds before she planted a huge, wet kiss on the mirror.

Or perhaps I should panic about her obsession with weird clothes. She loves to get dressed and will come up to me at all times of the day holding some random item of clothing, begging for me to put it on her. I always oblige, so as not to destroy her creative spirit (or maybe just because I think she looks hilarious). Sometimes she will be wearing two shirts, a bib, socks on her hands, a couple of beanies and a coat. Or sometimes she will be wearing my fashionable socks over her fashionable jammies.

I think she has the makings of a fashion designer. What do you think?

Friday, January 2, 2009

It's impossible to describe how much my little girl adores her daddy, but here is a pretty good image!