Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ryan's New Job

Ryan started his new job this week at Enterprise Rent-a-Car. His old job was a good one with some promise, but we felt that the promise of promotions was just going to take too long. Ryan is such a hard worker and we feel that his hard work will be better rewarded at Enterprise. It's a big change for us since we both had it in our minds that he would be a lifer at his old job. But we're really excited about this change. He's only worked a couple days but he is loving it so far. His co-workers are a lot of fun and he loves that he now has a professional job where he can dress like a grown up! I like that part of it too!

Lydia's First Christmas!

We got to see a lot of family on Christmas day. Here, we attempted to get a good mothers and daughters picture. Abby is the only girl who cooperated with the camera!
Here are the proud papas.
Best friends and cousins! Lydia (who apparently didn't want to wake up for ANY of this!), Caitlyn, and Cameron. Cameron is the oldest, then Caitlyn, then Lydia- each one born one month after the other.
Nothing, not even a boatload of new shoes from Grandma Diane, could wake little Liddie up!

I know I'm not looking at the camera and Lydia is barely awake, but we don't have many mother/daughter pictures! So we'll just have to deal with this one.

The Happy Family!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

She's Here!

Lydia Jeanne Wright is finally here! She was born December 4 in just four hours! She weighs 7'11" and is 19 inches long. We think she's absolutely perfect. Here are some pictures.

Monday, November 12, 2007

THREE WEEKS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

28 weeks

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fall in Utah

This last week, we drove the Alpine Loop to see the Fall color changes. We think we went a little early because the colors were not as vibrant as years past. We always seem to just miss the color changes, so we went early this year. Woops! We will have to try again. But, it was still gorgeous.