Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Anniversary

I posted this on my other blog, as well. Sorry if you already read it. But this blog is sort of a "record the family history for posterity" blog, so I think this post fits here as well.

The courtship, engagement and marriage of my husband and me would be an awfully boring movie. Our courtship was uneventful as far as Hollywood standards go. You could not create a romantic comedy, a heroic tale, or even a Disney movie out of what we had.

We didn’t hate each other at first and suddenly realize that we were actually meant to be together forever, with that realization culminating in an airport run.

He didn’t have to go away to war or come rescue me from some awful predicament.

There was no break up period, in which we realized how much we missed each other, thereby propelling us back into each other's arms.

There wasn’t even an evil stepmother to contend with.

We simply met, fell in love and got married 6 months later. Yes, 6 months later. There were no arguments, strifes, awkward situations, mistrust, jealousy, doubts or anything of the sort.

The first 2 or 3 years of our marriage were much the same. We lived in pure, obnoxious, make out in public bliss.

A child and the expenses and lifestyle change that came with her certainly gave us our fair share of challenges and real world experiences. But you know what? 5 years later, I am still as giddy as a school girl when I see my sweetheart. I still snuggle up to him, hold his hand in public, kiss him whenever I darn well feel like it, cherish our date nights, miss him like crazy while he is at work, and look forward to spending forever with him.

Happy 5 Years, Ryan.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Somehow, Lydia got it in her head that her pigtails are not safe outside. Maybe we made a silly comment sometime on a windy day about how the wind will blow us away. We don't really know. But for several weeks, Lydia held on to a fear that her pigtails would blow away if we were out of doors. At first it was cute. Then, her fear began turning into hysterics if she couldn't get her hands up to protect her precious pigtails fast enough.

I needed to take pictures of her for an article I was writing, but most of the pictures were unusable because she would not let go of those pigtails!

Oh well. Even if her weird obsession ruined my article pictures, at least they make for a good story to laugh about.

Monday, March 1, 2010

I lost my camera disk. And found it again. And was so happy to find this picture of Lydia driving a fire truck last December.